Monday, September 13, 2010

Oprah, VMA's and Twitter

As much as I have been looking forward to the new fall shows starting, I have dreaded Oprah's final season to start because I know it's the last one. If I had a melt down over Guiding Light going off the air and never seeing my favorite characters again, you can just imagine the hard time I've been having with a real person leaving my life after 25 years!

I just sat down and watched the first show of her final season. I cried through almost every minute of it. It was great seeing the flash backs of previous guests, hairstyles gone by and the changes the opening of the show has gone through. Oprah is such a classy lady and I know that she will continue to do great things in the world, but I will miss watching her every afternoon.

More tv news...did you see the Video Music Awards last night on MTV? I was switching back and forth between the Dallas Cowboys game and the VMA's...I'm not sure which was worse.  I think Chelsea Handler is NOT funny at all. I love, love, loved her shoes but do not care for her mean girl humor at all. Most of the songs/groups up for awards last night I had never heard of and the ones I had heard of I would not really say it was "music".  Kanye West proved yet again that he has no class and as much as I like Taylor Swift her song sounded off key and was boring compared to the energy of the night. Cher looked hot, Lady Gaga did not...not even in her meat dress...ack!

I did enjoy watching twitter while flipping channels so I could read what Caroline Manso from Real Housewives of NJ, and Bethany from RHONY thought about the VMA's (they were both there). I find myself reading twitter a lot during sporting events, or live television shows not only to read what other people think but to see what the people that are actually there are thinking...oh how times have changed, eh?


Hawkeyemkn said...

Didn't see any of the Awards, I watched the poorly played and coached football game.

And its not like Oprah is going to do the Johnny Carson thing and disappear is it? Won't she still be involved in some things?

MandeeFoFandee said...

I can't say I watched the VMA's... I was glued to the game!

oh, and hail to the Redskins! ;)

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Saw bits and pieces of the awards. Im in a panic over ATWT ending and then Oprah??
Im not sure I can take all of these goodbyes.

Annah said...

Is Oprah going to start a new show? That's what everyone really wants to know. She's way too young to just retire for good.

And you were right, definitely not "normal" people. I changed it for you :)