Friday, September 12, 2014

Hello Hello Hello

Hi friends!
I'm home with a cold today so I thought I'd do a little catch up blog.
It's been a pretty good week with only a few hiccups.
The biggest highlight is that my niece will be having her baby Monday if not before! She went to the doctor yesterday and that was the decision they made with the doctor. She is really due Sept. 21 but is having a few issues with blood pressure and the baby is already 7 lbs 4 oz. . I am so ready to meet my great niece Annabelle...I'd better get over this cold or I will have to wait.

Another pretty big highlight is that we got Garth Brooks tickets for October. Vic and I both have birthdays in October so every year we do something special together (cruise, weekend away, etc.) and today tickets went on sale so we both got online and tried for 45 min. to get good seats. I am pretty pleased with what we got. They are all the same price no matter where you sit and there were only a few dates available in jacksonsville (4+ hours away from us) but as we were trying to buy tickets they opened up a few more dates to choose from so we  got later than we planned for dates. The only thing bad about it is that it falls on Sarasota Pride weekend...we missed it last year because of our cruise to Mexico and it looks like we'll miss it again this year.

I've had one of the best weeks so far on Ebay and Amazon. It's been a wide arrangement of products. I've been posting vintage postcards this past week. Most are from 1908-1913 and they are mostly from a family from the town i grew up in (Moberly, Missouri) so I posted about them on a local facebook page and one of my classmates got in touch with me that she is either related to or friends with the family that is tied back to these postcards. Pretty cool. I love history and family trees.
I've also been posting a bunch of old cookbooks. My sister is de-cluttering her house so she brings me things every week to post while I'm at work (We work together, pretty cool having your sister as your boss I guess lol)

Vic ended up not having to serve for Jury Duty. I got a card in the mail to serve one time but I was in TN helping dad thru Chemo and everything so I sent a post back that I couldn't make it. I guess that was ok, I never heard anything else. I do think it would be very interesting.

We got a call from our lawn guy last week telling us our fence gate fell off. Yes, the BRAND NEW fence. Here we are a week later and no one has come to fix it yet. Vic has sent several pictures and spoken to them on the phone several times and now they promise to come out next week...we shall see. What a pain. We have it hooked up with wire hangers and blocks of wood so our dogs don't escape right now.

My latest obsession, revisited, is monthly subscription boxes and youtube videos doing reviews on said boxes. Some of my favorites are: Amy Lynn Thompson, Mrs. Lola Lynn , and Jenn at the Busy Bee Buzz  . I am currrently getting Ipsy , I have canceled Birchbox and I just ordered Beauty Box 5. I hope to do a review/comparison once they come this month. There are so many more that I want to get but I have to control the urges to order them all.

That is about all that is fit to print. I'm playing with the idea of doing video updates again but I tried thru blogger and it didn't take...I guess I need to make friends with my youtube again...or not.
Have a great weekend!!