Sunday, September 7, 2014

Aug 27-Sept 7 Just more in the life...

New stuff since last post

  • Canceled Birch Box, Ipsy  is so much better.
  • Ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, Ruby Tuesdays, Gold Rush
  • Sold on ebay: ink,magazine,plaque, shoes,,lube,burner (scentsy),paint,wallets,
  • Lottery ; won  free tickets but the jerk at the Shell station wouldn't give me my ticket (the one next to Bob Evans) won't be going back there. He said I only gave him four non winning tickets, when I know that I gave him five and #5 was a free ticket winner. #jerk 
  • Vic and I went to our annual eye doctor -only changed a little so not getting new glasses yet.
  • Talked to my Aunt
  • Cousin had surgery #breastcancersucks 
  • Binge watched three seasons of United States of Tara. Great show!!
  • Lottery, won $22 one day and $12 another
  • Joan Rivers died 
  • Gave Scout a bath
  • Made cookies, messed up one batch by baking them on wax paper, ugh

My Obsession with calendars and numbers...
over 100,000 views on this blog since I started it four years ago
my work facebook account grew by 464 "friends/fans" in the last month...4639 now!

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