Friday, September 28, 2012

TV viewing updates

Happy Friday!!!
After waiting all summer for the fall shows to return they are finally here! I calendared all of the dates and times so I wouldn't miss a show. I sat down all excited to watch Parenthood because I wasn't sure that show was coming back and then WAM they bring cancer into the story line. :(  I really don't need sad story lines to has enough of that!

Then there is Grays Anatomy last night...another tear jerker! I guess I could go tune into Honey Boo Boo but it was hard enough to sit thru 10 minutes of that show. I felt like I should run to the phone and call child protective services.

My faithful stand by is my reality tv fix...real housewives of...fill in the blank. The drama on NJ and NY seasons have had Vic and I cracking up..and thinking our lives are pretty dull if this is any indication of how people live.

Even football has had some drama this season. Luckily that is about to end now that footlocker has taken its employees back off the field. Go Cowboys! :)

What are you watching or looking forward to watching? I can't wait for Revenge to come back on...I think that show is brilliant.  We watched "Last Resort" last night and it was pretty action packed but I'm not sure how they will make a full season out of it, looked more like a movie.

If you have not checked out Person of Interest yet go do so. We caught re-runs a few months ago and have been hooked. Love that show!

Another show if you have Starz Channel is BOSS with Kelsie Grammar...not my favorite actor but he's excellent in the show. He plays the corrupt mayor of Chicago.

Tell me what you think of these shows!