Saturday, September 12, 2015

Happy Saturday!

I hope that September is treating you all well. I can't even believe it's already the 12th ...we've been counting down to our Paris trip since March and it's finally less than a month so so very excited !!

I've been doing so many new things lately that I kind of feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends. For example...
I'm doing reviews for sellers on Amazon -the boxes coming every day are very exciting but keeping up with the deadlines and who I owe what to is border line crazy..thank goodness for spreadsheets!
I'm also getting ready to take over newsletters and mailing campaigns at work. I love that sort of stuff but it's a big project to get up and running.
We've also committed to a membership class at our church. We've got another class next weekend. Not sure that we are going to become members at this point but we are enjoying going to the church and some of the church functions. Last night we had a drum circle, potluck dinner thing at the beach with a lot of the members of the church and people we've met through the membership class.
I've slowed down on  Ebay right now because I don't want things to be running while I'm in Paris. I am thinking I really need to have a garage sale one of these weekends and just do a major purge with all of the stuff I've accumulated over the past few years.
And if all of that isn't enough I've really gotten into my new youtube channel. I have been watching youtubers for years and always wanted to set up a channel and do daily vlogs or some sort of program..I jumped right in last week. Starting with four subscribers and now I have 83 I think! I've really been working it and it's so gratifying seeing the progress everyday and reading all of the sweet comments. Another proof to me that putting things out into the universe makes things happen. ! :)

I hate to blog and run but this was just a quick update and now Vic is waiting for me to head out and do some grocery shopping. Please leave a comment and let me know you were here ..Have a great Saturday my friends!