Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dog Parks

I am lucky enough to live in a town that has two dog parks. One on the beach and one in a park setting. Yesterday we took the littles (what we call our dachshunds) to the dog park and I took a few pictures. They had a ball! Once the big dog area cleared out a bit we let them wander over in that area. Dexter loved it, he is a big explorer and was off checking out every tree. DJ stayed closer to Vic and I. At one point two jack russells came up to say hi and when DJ did his aggressive bark they quickly put him in his place. His feelings were hurt and he didn't much want to do anything after that. He is the most sensitive little dog!
Here are some pictures, I also posted a short video on my youtube channel, if you'd like to see it the youtube link is up in the right hand corner of my blog.


Ms. Blasé said...

Watched the YouTube vid. It's hard to believe that DJ is sensitive 'cause he sure acts like a tough guy!