Monday, November 17, 2014

Subscription Box Review-Unboxing. Scentbird November

I have been loving my monthly subscription boxes so much that I've added several new ones to my list.
I was searching on YouTube the other day to see what other unboxings I could find and came across one for a perfume subscription.

I'm not one of those girls that is well versed in perfumes. In my 20's I did work at a perfume store (Perfumania) so I learned a little more about the different brands and scents. Most days I don't wear perfume at all. Growing up I remember my grandmothers scent when we'd be going out or at was Youth Dew by Estee Lauder. Later my sister and mother would wear the same thing when it was an extra fancy gathering. Usually in winter because it's a pretty heavy scent. I have a few signature scents that I've worn over the years but usually like switching it up but not to the expense of buying the designer brands that I'd really like to wear.
But anyway...the subscription service is Scentbird. You can pick your perfume each month like I've done or do a survey and have them match it up to your style/taste and pick it for you.  It cost $14.95 per month . The first month you get an atomizer and a bottle of  the perfume in a vile that fits into the atomizer much like a lipstick tube. Each month you get a new vile. For my first month I picked Michael Kors and it smells amazing.

 I purchased this plan and am not being paid to do this review.