Saturday, November 22, 2014

BarkBox Unboxing November 2014 Hit or Miss?

such cute wrapping paper! 

We were so excited to get home from work and find our Barkbox on the front porch yesterday. I will share what was in this months box and then our reaction and what the pups thought.

 Wagatha's Kitchen Sink treats, all organic , GMO free ingredients including bananas, pumpkin, cooked apples, carrots, roasted ground peanuts, flax seed, honey , sunflower seeds, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, ginger and allspice. Everything but the kitchen sink.
We are pretty picky about the treats we give the dogs and usually stick to the same brand as their food (Iams) but I did sample everything from the box and the littles did seem to like these treats. DJ wasn't a  huge fan but I think he wasn't feeling good yesterday. I like that they are small treats and can be broken up so I don't have to worry about the little dogs (miniature dachshunds) choking on them.  The Labs inhaled them and didn't even chew.
The next treat was a chew stick type thing. Dakota inhaled this and I guess she liked it. I'm pretty sure the Labs don't even taste their treats because of the way they eat them, I could give them a cardboard bone and they would probably react the same way.

 Sorry for the poor quality photo here, i was trying to get pictures without the dogs seeing what was in the box. I gave this chew to Scout because it said it was good for the hips and joints and Scout being our oldest dog , needed it the most.. It sounded like hard plastic being broken when Scout ate it and I saw some blood on his gums, so I would not do this "treat" again. They are freeze dried beef trachea treats and are topped with liver sprinkles...yuck. Maybe I should have read all of that before I gave it to him.
This turkey leg toy is my dogs least favorite type of toy. Dakota did use it to torment Dexter (our toy hoarder) but that was about it. These types of toys usually get chewed into pieces pretty quickly so they don't squeek any more, and then I worry about the dogs swallowing the pieces of plastic. It was removed by the end of the night.

The carrot plush toy was the favorite for Dexter. He loves plush, soft , stuffed toys and if they have stuff sticking out like ears, legs, eye balls that he can chew off that's even better! It only took him five minutes to chew the green leafy things off the top and swallow one so Vic had to cut them off (see picture below). It was also removed by the end of the night because he turns into a very over protective dog of all toys and he just isn't very nice to be around (for the other dogs)

The Bigs couldn't wait to see what was in the box!