Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ipsy November 2014 Unboxing Review

Ipsy was my very first subscription box over a year ago. It has also been my favorite so far out of the ones that I've gotten (as I mentioned in my previous blog I've canceled BirchBox and BeautyBox5 because of the disappointing boxes)

One of the things that I've liked about Ipsy is that you can refer your friends and not only do they get to enjoy the same great monthly pink envelopes of joy, you get points. With my points so far I've gotten some great products. This month it was a trio of eye shadows by Milani that are amazing. They retaill for $4.49 each . I love the colors that I got too (Bella Ivory,Bella Espresso and Bella Gold)

Now on to the other goodies that came in my glambag this month. The bag itself is a silver sparkly bag with a pink zipper..super cute. The theme is Girl Meets Glitter.
1. Bye Bye Under Eye, Full coverage, waterproof, anti-aging concealer. I'm not a huge concealer user but I will give this a try. Travel Size is what came in my bag. Full size retails for $24, from It Cosmetics. 
2. Rouge Underground, Make Up Sealant Before it melts away. Full Size Retails for $12.99
I had no idea what this product was. I went to their website and learned that they have several products to spray on...a little glow, a make up sealant to waterproof your make up, and more. This is why I like getting Ipsy's a great way to learn more about new products and to try them out in a sample size before you purchase them. I can't wait to try this one out. There was also a coupon to get $10 off any purchase of $50 more more. Woohoo money saved!
3.J.Cats Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter. Not a fan of lip paint or this type of applicator. But the color is pretty good. I believe this is full size and retails for $4.99
4.Pixie Dust roll on perfume by Demeter. The smell reminded me of some lip gloss I had as a kid and I keep wanting to put it on my lips instead of my wrists. I do like that you can order lotion, oil, sprays to match if you do find a scent you like and I do like these roll on  perfumes for my purse but I'm just not a fan of this scent.
5. The final product is by Elizabeth Mott, You're so Fine waterproof liquid eyeliner. I suck at using liquid eyeliner and will most likely give this away. I do like that in almost every Ipsy bag I get eyeliners of some sort which allows me to try them. I am very sensitive to most eyeliners and mascara and hate buying them to just guess if they will work for me or not. I believe this is a full size sample , it retails for $17.99.

Another thing Ipsy does is gives you discounts each month on the items they send so if you do like them you can go online and order them for 20-25% off for a limited time.

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