Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Selling Online

For over a week now I've been totally lost in the world of Amazon. It all started with Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Rainbow Chip Frosting. One of my friends mentioned that she sold it on Amazon and made a lot of money because it's hard to find or discontinued or something. I was impressed but didn't think much of it. A few days went by I think before I reached out to her on facebook and asked "how did you even know it was a hard to find/discontinued item that could bring in $$" .She sent me some links to check out and groups on  FB to join and mentioned FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). It perked my interest, and then I watched several youtube videos on the subject of FBA Amazon and was blown away. People are making some serious bucks on this. It brought back memories of the early 90's for me when I was selling tons of collectibles on Ebay. It was  a lot of work but I enjoyed the extra money and the ability to do it while also working a full time job.  The downside for me was all the trips to the post office and the follow up on auctions that were won but late in being paid for. 

When I learned the FBA handles all of the shipping and customer interaction I was sold. All I had to do was buy stuff and send it away to Amazon..right? Well's not exactly that easy. If it were everyone would be doing it, Right?   My process so far...I  set up a FBA sellers account on Amazon. Then I put in a few products around my house to see if they were worth selling (most were not). My friends told me to download the app Profit Bandit on my smart phone and head to the stores. The app was $15.  

Saturday morning as soon as the stores opened I headed out to Target and Big Lots. I learned Saturday morning was not the best time to hit Target. They were restocking their shelves so the clearance sections were blocked with workers and pallets and boxes. I managed to try a few items and then ventured over to Big Lots.  Of course I looked for that Rainbow frosting luck. Then I went to the health and beauty isles. There are a lot of items that are not  allowed (Nail Polish, Hair Spray, Etc.) So I wasn't sure yet if I was doing it right but my app helped me at least know if the products I was looking at would show a profit or a loss.   

I then came home and started putting the product into my selling area on Amazon so it could get ready to be shipped. I was so nervous about the entire thing that I watched even more videos and learned that there is so much more that I need to know!! There are stickers and labels that have to be on things (sold as a group, suffocation warning labels, expiration date labels , etc.) and even rules on packing popcorn, shredded paper etc...

I'm still in the way early stages of learning and doing this but I'm super excited about  the possibilities and love the numbers that I am hearing from my friends that are selling on Amazon.   I have now ordered a laser printer and the proper labels and shipping supplies so maybe by the weekend I'll have my first shipment ready to go out!! 

Mostly I'm proud of ME. My normal M.O. would be to just rush thru and not read the rules and then when my shipment was rejected for breaking the rules I'd just quit.  This time I've taken my time, met with my friends that are actually doing this and making money, watched every video i could find on the subject, joined a bunch of facebook groups with other people doing the same thing and asked questions.  :) Go me! 

I look forward to blogging later about this and telling you how I'm doing. Amazon payments go out twice a month I believe , not sure if everyone is the same but my friends get their payments on the 3rd and 17th.   I'll report back on the 3rd and let you know 1. if my shipment went out 2. if I made any sales 3. how far I am from breaking even from my initial investment. 

Don't think that you have to spend a lot of money on product. Books/DVDs/Toys/Games are big sellers and you can find those at Goodwill, garage sales, in your house etc.   

Wish me luck!! If you are a FBA seller let me know how you are doing ! 

How to sell on Amazon 


Patrick Godknecht said...

We certainly look forward to hearing more about it as well. There's no better learning than a hands-on experience, especially with regards to mustering all forms of social media, and then expanding that into commerce and enterprise. The learning process of it is constant. We must be wise enough to know where we stand at all times, by keeping tabs on how we went through this initially ( such as these kinds of blog accounts ), and how we built up from there.


Holly Diane said...

Thank you Patrick.

Layla Stabile said...

I agree with Patrick. Hands-on experiences will help you in memorizing the do’s and don’ts of online marketing. The Internet has been a commonplace these days for those who wanted to market their products and services in a wider scope. Good luck in your online marketing adventure, Holly! I’d be looking forward to seeing your shop’s development.

Layla Stabile @ Sacramento Marketing Labs