Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 5 2014 Another week in the life...

Wow...another post and only a week or so has passed. I may  just get this thing down after so many (Don't hold your breath!)

Not a ton  has happened since my last post. I changed my hair color..and I love it! I've worked two Saturdays to monitor all of the spring break crowd coming in. I have to control the keys so tenants that are suppose to check in at 3p.m. don't arrive at 9 a.m. before the condos are even clean or empty of other tenants. Fun times. So far today we've had a toaster not working, ceiling fan not working (they didn't turn it on at the wall) dead bolts that could not be figured out until of course Victor drove up from Venice and then all of sudden it magically works and so times in the property management field.

We got an estimate for some work on our home and hopefully that work will start next week. New soffit and fascia for the house. Hopefully we'll be ready to finalize the sale by the middle of May.  We had not really been telling anyone about this but I see that Vic put it on Facebook today so the secrets out! Is anything really REAL until it's on facebook? lol

I'm getting excited about many fun plans, babies, warm gulf water, visitors and lots of work around the house/yard!

Some pictures since my last post of my, I didn't take many pictures this

New hair color

Cool shirt I got for Vic Go Cowboys!