Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 9 2014 WOW Another weekly update

I am pretty impressed that I'm updating weekly again. Not that there is a ton to update on but I like looking back week to week to see what has been going on.

The work started on our house this week. Today is the third day. The dogs are about to drive us crazy with all the barking but it will be worth it. The front of the house already looks amazing. I kept thinking I would get pictures so i could do a before and after but of course I didn't, and when i came home Monday it was already too late. FAIL

We started watching Game of Thrones this weekend. We have now watched all three seasons and it's only Wednesday if that tells you anything. Awesome show!! Many late nights because we had to watch just one more. As if we needed one more show to be totally addicted to!

Another week of spring breakers brought on some excitement. Tenants locked out right after we've left the office of course so we had to drive back up. Late night parties with complaints by the neighbors , causing a late night trip to the key to check things out. Everything was under control..over cautious (nosy) neighbors. Fun times. almost tragedy. Vic got back home from the late night trip mentioned above and our baby D.J. (the spoiled rotten favorite miniture dachshund of ours) ran out the door to chase our cat (both solid black) in the dark of the night. After nearly having a heart attack DJ decided he was afraid of something across the street and turned and ran right back into Vic's arms! (thank you Spirit!!!) For the rest of the evening he stayed glued to Vic. Ever since we brought DJ home as a puppy when ever he was scared or hurt he found comfort in Vic's arms. The rest of the time he's 100% mommas boy and can be found in my lap.  

That's about all the fun that's fit to print.
Have a blessed week.