Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Putting it out to the Universe

Wouldn't it be great to win the lottery? I often go to bed at night with thoughts of who I would help, what I would buy and how my life would change if I won the lottery. I have had tons of rough ideas but not really a plan. I would buy tickets one or two weeks and then perhaps go months without even thinking about it.

I love the TV shows about lottery winners. How the Lottery Changed my life is one of my favorites. They are not always happy endings. Often the stories tell how families fought or how the winnings only made life harder or the problems the people had get even bigger. I'd find myself judging these people for some of their stupid purchases.

A few weeks ago Vic and I watched one of those lottery shows and saw a man that won and is doing well. He wrote a short book on how to win the lottery. I didn't buy the book but we did start keeping track of our lottery spending and came up with a plan and a system to our spending. We tweak it each week as needed.

Before the Lottery drawings I started going on and looking at homes that I'd buy if we won. I started a list with different price ranges of items we could buy or fix depending on our winnings. boat, new fence for the back yard, dogs teeth cleaned, etc. The new house would be only if we won super big..more of a fun dream than anything I thought would really happen.

And then...I found a perfect property. It was a house on some land (10 acres) with a separate building/apartment mother in laws quarters that Victor could live in. I mentioned it to Vic and Victor one day and then it was stuck in my brain. I kept going back to the link and looking at the property and Vic started talking to me about it more and more. It was out of our budget but not like a million dollar home or anything..just a few hundred thousand higher than we could afford to buy.

After Vic's Physical Therapy yesterday we took a drive and went out to look at the house. We fell in love even more. It's a beautiful piece of property with gorgeous trees. There are three acres fenced off for livestock , a pond , a salt water pool...just everything we could want. Vic's thinking was to live on the water/beach if we ever won the lottery, but I think the country would suit us better with the fur children and everything.

We are putting it out to the universe and buying our lottery tickets. Many of the events in my life have happened this way so I   truly believe this could be the same. Positive thoughts, positive energy and some prayers..a little help from my dad up there wouldn't hurt either! :)


Kelly Myers said...

I saw pics of the house, my positive thoughts are with you, that would be an awesome place to live!!