Friday, May 31, 2013

MAY 2013

"The world's favorite season is the spring. 
All things seem possible in May."
-  Edwin Way Teale

My ever precious D.J.

Dexter with his little tongue sticking out 

Can't forget Honey BooBoos mama June getting married

Cute Find at Target

We discovered a new place Tomatillos 


My girl Dakota

Vic at a doctor visit after the knee surgery..such a face! lol

beautiful May flowers

Color Fail..did not like

Happiness is a pink bike..saw outside of Walgreens

Me and my baby DJ 

This month's Ipsy Bag 

Vic getting the staples out

Before and After Vics new knee

My Love

Staples coming out

More "May" events in my life:
1968: I was 7 months old.Started walking according to my baby book
1986: Graduated from High School
1995: Moved into an apartment  by myself in Sarasota (Beneva Garden Apartments)
1996: saw the movie Twister 

1998: went into business with my mom and Frank , J's Home Furnishings. A new and used furniture store..LOVED that job and experience. 
1999: went out drinking with my friends Twyla and Chris. Something that doesn't happen very often obviously for me to have it written down lol

2001: weighed in at 159 (oh to be there again!..soon I hope)

2009: Volunteered at Sarasota Pride 
         Had my second hip replacement.
         Dad, Darrell, and Vic put up the fence in our yard so the dogs would stay put while I was                    recovering from surgery.

2011: Deb and Lori visited from Oregon.
         Saw the movie Bridesmaids for the first time (have since seen it several more times, one of my favorite movies now!)

Let's bring on June now!! May has been a time of recovery for Vic  with many trips to the doctor and Physical Therapist. We've watched a ton of TV with so many of the shows ending for summer we've  had to find new ones. Tyler Perrys shows on OWN (The Haves and the Have Nots) and a comedy that I can't think of the name have been good. Of course there are always the housewives of Atlanta, OC, Beverly Hills, Etc.  I hope to get some beach time in soon and maybe a bike ride or two..What does your summer hold?