Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

Happy May 1st!

I am home this first day of May taking care of my partner Vic. She had knee replacement surgery a week ago and  can't be left home alone yet because of the fall risks being on blood thinners.
It's a rainy day out. This will be the first day that the nurse and the physical therapist come to see her since she got home from the hospital last Saturday. They should have been here sooner but there was a mix up with something along the way. It's fine, we will make the best of it. She's been doing exercises and is walking all over the house on her walker. We've got this!
My mom and her partner closed on a house today, they are moving in the rain..not fun. It will be so nice to have her close again.

Previous May events:
1995 I moved into a new apartment on Cloister Dr in Sarasota..loved that place :)

1996 Went and saw the movie Twister

1998 My mom, her then husband and I opened a new and used furniture store

2001 I weighed 159 lbs!

2009 I volunteered at Sarasota Pride. Watch my video here!

2011 had friends that I met on Myspace that live in Oregon come and rent a place from us on Siesta Key..Had a blast with them! See the post about their visit here!

2011 Went and saw Bridesmaids the of my favorite movies ever!

Go out and make some memories this May..I plan to!