Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Update July 22 2012

I feel like this was such a stressful week. We had work issues with cleaners and not just on one property but on several. Had to let some go, warn others and hire some new ones. It really stinks that we can put so much time and attention into managing a property and lose it over something we don't control (how good of a job the cleaning teams do) ..anyway...we survived and learned some lessons and will be making the necessary changes so it doesnt ever happen again.

I did have some positive news this week. I found out my dad is coming to visit in August!
My sister will be out of jail in August (another long story that I have chosen not to blog about ..yet) I had my "meet the surgeon" this week and am anxious to get everything done so I can have my surgery.I'm a little disappointed that it won't happen as quickly as I thought it would. I am guessing/hoping by October I'll be ready for surgery. I got my first doctor visit in already, and called the doctor for the psych evaluation but she's gone until Tuesday so that will hopefully happen next week.  My food/nutrition classes don't start until August so I have to sit back and wait for that. So much of the process is just waiting things out. Drives.Me.Crazy.

We did have a wonderful time out last night with friends. Everytime we do this we come away saying that we must do it more often. I hope we do. Good friends should never be taken for granted! Thank you Lisa, Kim,Del and Karen for always being so easy to be with.

I also got good news from my ex that we got an offer on our house! I hope this ones goes thru and we can be done with that chapter of our lives. I miss that house and loved it very much but have felt for many years now that if I couldn't live in it I didn't really want him to either...that may or may not be a good way to think but it is what it is.

I am going to take a deep breath, talk Vic into going to the beach today and try to recharge for next week.

Before I go I send out prayers to all involved in the terrible movie theater shooting Friday in Colorado. I can't even wrap my brain around how someone does that...:(

Here a few pictures I took this week. Something I saw at my doctors office, a wonderful dish from Tropical Thai Restaurant in Sarasota, and a few pictures we took while junk shopping at Sarasota Salvage...a very cool place!!

Seen at my doctors office, remember Y2k?

Tropical Thai in Sarasota

Sarasota Salvage