Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day Trip to Ikea

Vic and I have been planning on going to the new Ikea in Ybor for a long time now. In fact I think it's been there long enough that it is not even thought of as the "new" Ikea anymore. But we made our plans! We printed a map...Ikea is about 72 miles from us..
We filled up...Gas has actually gone down to $3.85 a gallon, vs $3.88 that we paid last week. The trip didnt seem to take long at all.
There were lots of people at Ikea today, but we were lucky and found a parking place right up front!
Here are a few more pictures from our day. We ate at the restaurant inside. Vic had the meatballs, I had chicken and pasta (bland) and we tried some dessert called Princess was delicious and very light.

We found a perfect toy for dexter! A very long alligator with a baby in it's mouth...We could just see him trying to drag that thing around the house!

We did pick up a few things we needed for work and got everything packed in the car and then the skys turned black and the wind picked up.....Scary drive home!!


Cheeseboy said...

We've had an IKEA about 5 miles away from us for 10 years and I still have never been. Obviously, I did not know about the alligators though.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

My parents have been to that one! The nearest one to me is 3 hours away and I miss it! I like getting the frozen Swedish meatballs and Lingonberry jelly to take home with me! said...

Goodness how Ikea has changed. Ihaven't been for years and all we bought then was flat pack junk that came home with half the screws missing!
Scary drive back indeed...I hate wind!
Great alligator though ;)