Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Move...and WHO DOES THAT?!

Looking at the new space before we did anything

cut holes in the front wall to open up the office

went shopping and found the perfect piece for the front office

painted the walls and hung some art

added a sign to our front door

the finished project from the front

For the past month we have been moving our office. Our lease was up and they wanted to almost double our rent at our last location. We found a nice location just a few miles south of our previous office. Much better parking, lots of neighbors to bring more business to the plaza and a much bigger office giving us room to grow.

We cut holes in walls, painted everything, ordered all of our signs, called the phone/cable company to get us set up, changed letter heads and so on..It was a very busy month of just getting set up. We shopped for art and decorations like crazy to fill our office with the beach theme that we wanted. We met some of our neighbors and thought they were wonderful! Even found a  new favorite restaurant right next door to our shop!

Friday afternoon as Comcast was finishing up we had a visitor. He owns another real estate company in the same plaza and was stopping by to welcome us to the plaza. I explained that we do not do any sales, just rentals so he didn't think we were stepping on any toes. Even told him we are always happy to refer back and forth with Realtors..a win win for everyone.

So (Monday) we show up and there is a sign company in front of his space..putting up new vinyl letters on his awning....and they have the name of our business on them!!! Our company is called Home and Condo Rentals and Property Management Inc. , of course he didn't put all of that, he just put "home and condo rentals" , in big bright red letters and even used our font!!! Who does that?!

To say it took the wind out of our sails would be an understatement. Until we can do more about it we have to take the high road and be appreciative that we found out what kind of person he was BEFORE we referred any customers!

So, on to bigger and better things...We love it! And I just keep reminding myself that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right??


Anonymous said...

I'm walking around your blog thrilled to be reading. Between weiner dog races, 20 before 50 and a raunchy name stealing business neighbor, this has been fun time spent. Much luck with your new business and your location. Things happen for a reason I believe. Tammy