Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reality Recap

It's time again for my reality recap! So many shows are on right now that I'm watching..I'm in heaven!

A new one on OWN that I've been following is Breaking Down The Bars
It is a show about women in prison and their everyday struggles to do the right thing and get ready to re-enter society. One of the last shows I watched a young woman was working towards getting her G.E.D. so she could get 180 days off of her sentence. It makes me wonder what incentive is there for girls that already have their degree. Doesn't really seem fair, but I am all for getting these girls more educated.

This last week on the Style network Ruby returned! She had gained some of her weight back and it looks like this season will be focusing more on her past and what triggered her to gain so much weight in the first place. As much as she drives me crazy with her "hacky" (instead of Happy) talk, I do love watching her journey! It's so easy for us as viewers to see her toxic relationship with her ex boyfriend but it's hard to cut someone out of your life that has been there for so many years. Good luck Ruby! I'm cheering for you.

The original "real housewives" cast is back! The Real Housewives of the OC is one of my guilty pleasures. Vic and I watched the first episode last night (we had recorded it earlier) I think because we keep our lives Drama Free, we enjoy watching it on TV. These women drive me crazy but in many ways I wish that I had the nerve to speak my mind the way that they do. Who hasn't fantasized once or twice about throwing a drink in someones face? lol  It's mean girls at it's finest but there are no victims to feel sorry for..they are all mean!

Those are my three recaps for this week...what are YOU watching?


Dee Dee said...

I'm not really sure if American Idol is considered a reality show or not...I've always considered it one for some reason. But that's the only one I watch...I don't really get to watch that much tv though.

Holly Diane said...

Hey Dee Dee! :) I love American Idol and I'd say it's reality tv...they are so good this year! Do you have a favorite so far? In the boys I like Jacob Lusk (I think that's his name) and in girls ...Naime (Im sure I've spelled that wrong too!)