Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20 before 50

This October I am going to be 44 years old. I am giving myself over 6 years to do the following 20 things before I turn 50!
  1. Go Camping
  2. Attend  Pride in San Francisco
  3. Get back to pre hip surgery weight
  4. Cook dinner 50 times (that works out to about 8 times a year..i can handle that! lol)
  5. Go back to Las Vegas
  6. Go back to NYC
  7. make it home for at least one class reunion..I've missed them all so far! DONE 2011!
  8. get a second tattoo
  9. learn to knit
  10. visit at least four of my cousins
  11. stay in a bed and breakfast in Key West
  12. go sailing
  13. explore Ireland with Vic
  14. help out an animal shelter/rescue program or start my own
  15. spend at least one Christmas in TN with my dad
  16. spend time volunteering in a soup kitchen
  17. watch the Dallas Cowboys in person
  18. go back to a Moberly Greyhound basketball game
  19. become the largest property managment company on Siesta Key
  20. have a retirement plan so i don't have to worry about the future


Kristina said...

What a spectacular list!!!! You go girl!!

Susanne said...

you have got lots of things to do, go for it!

gigi said...

Good luck with those. Fun list.

Bree said...

Good luck with your list. Should be fun

JRFrugalMom said...

Thank you for participating in last week’s Follow Us Monday Morning @ Frugality Is Free. Congratulations, you are the Hot Blog of the Week!

Just Another Hat said...

Great idea to have list. I'm a list person myself. Good luck, and have fun, checking them off one by one. Stopping by from Follow Us Monday Morning. Congrats on being featured!
Just Another Hat

Susanmeep said...

I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you please follow me back? http://susansdisneyfamily.blogspot.com/
thank you :)