Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy holidays?

Am I the only one that just can't get in the mood this year? I have not put up a tree..have not shopped until last  night and that was only because we need to ship a few things out..think it is too late for the CA gifts? I hope not!

We thought that we were going to make fudge again for all of our friends but that isn't happening either this year. My emotional, give a damn , jar is too close to empty and not really getting the energy it needs to be refilled.

I have enjoy the hallmark channels constant Christmas movies since before Thanksgiving! While Vic was away last week i caught up on  tons of them that I have missed over the years. Total chick flicks.

Vic and I did our personal gift exchange earlier in the month because we needed/wanted things before Christmas. :)  I'm loving my new PINK laptop and my new blackberry cell phone!

As I am typing I have on the holiday music channel on tv but alvin and the chipmunks singing christmas tunes is about to make me barf.

here is hoping that your holiday preparations are going better than mine! merry christmas!!