Thursday, December 16, 2010

ahhh to dream

In my dream world I would be sitting in front of my fireplace admiring my beautiful Christmas tree while drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas songs.   I would be very proud of all of the gifts that had been wrapped under my tree because that would mean I was finished with my shopping. Each gift would be unique and just what the receiver wanted.

My dogs would all have on their Christmas collars and smell fresh and clean. There would be no accidents, no barking and no torn up toys cluttering my floor.

My house would be spotless and smell like gingerbread cookies because of course I was baking and had a full counter of assorted holiday candies and cookies to give to everyone. The sugar cookies would have frosting and look like the ones you see in martha stewart adds.

My front porch would host poinsettias and the Christmas lights would be hung on every corner of the house. The wreath on my front door would be freshly cut and smell even better than the tree. My mail box would have a bright red bow tied to the post. Anyone walking by would have to smile and feel the spirit of the holiday just by being near.

I would have to cut this blog short because it was time to bake the dog treats..and stuff the cats stocking with cat nip...ho ho ho ...oh what it is to dream!


Anonymous said...

Dreams are great and sometimes they do come true :-)