Friday, December 17, 2010

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

I have always had dogs. Growing up we had a beagle mutt named Toot. She was born the same month I was and lived until new years day in our 15th year. She was so cool, her trick was to sing happy birthday whenever we sang that song.

 When I moved out on my own I got a Dalmatian named Engine One, and then because you just have to have two , got his girlfriend Oreo. They  had several litters of puppies and i was in the puppy business for a little while. Did you know dalmatian puppies are born white and get their spots later? As there are many losses in divorce I had to say good bye to my spotted friends.

After having my heart broken by saying goodbye to a foster baby that I had fallen in love with it was time to take on a baby that I could KEEP! It just so happened that a lady that my mom knew was having to place her yellow Labrador "Scout" in a new home because she was moving. Of course I would spoil him rotten (see above first b'day picture..tux, doggie cake and b'day party!) I would have been happy with just one furchild but then came Dakota..another yellow Labrador in need of a forever home.

I love the labs..they are so smart and have kept me company on more than one or two  lonely nights. I did stop dressing Scout after Dakota came around because she would not stop making fun of him. He is very sensitive and was getting a complex.

Last year Vic and I went to a football party at our friend Marcia's and we met Brandy. Brandy was a long haired dachshund and it was all she wrote for Vic. We talked about dachshunds all the way home. We looked online for rescue sites and talked about what it would be like to have a lap dog around.

I can't remember which one of us found Crystals website first but she is a local breeder and was in need of placing some of  her adult dachshunds. We looked thru the pictures of all the dogs and Vic fell in love with a little long haired black dachshund named Dexter.
We went to visit him and of course brought him home. The labs didn't quite know what to think. I was thrilled because I had a dog I could dress again!

Right before Christmas last year I got back on Crystals website and realized that Dexter had had two puppies before we adopted him. The girl was already sold but his son was available! I knew we just HAD to have Dexter Junior (AKA DJ)

So that explains how we have two dachshund's, and two yellow Labrador's. Also known as The Littles and The Bigs.
I could easily have a houseful of dachshunds! I don't know what it is about those little dogs but they worm their way right in your heart and you just can't get enough of them. Everyone I know that has a doxie seems to have multiples!
From our babies to yours...Merry Christmas!


Vic said...

I LOVE this entry!! Well done! :)


Yuri said...

Hellp, I got here via LBS. Your dogs are adorable! Happy Christmas to you and your furry friends!

Jennifer Bruno said...

Ah, I love them! Your labs are gorgeous, but of course, it's the dachshunds I am swooning over. :-) My oldest (red) is Millie. She's 8, and my youngest (chocolate & tan) is Mona, who is 2. I look forward to following your blog! (I'm from LBS, by the way, but I think you knew that already.) Have a great weekend!!! said...

Holly, I stopped by from LBS Tea Party and love your blog so much I've signed up to be your newest follower. I adore dogs and labradors are my favourites We had one called Bruce who was the 'love of my life'.
Please drop by and maybe follow me if you fancy a laugh. I'd be delighted to welcome you.
Friendly wishes from a snowy and cold UK
Carol from – the blog that accentuates your laughter lines. (Has that put you off?)

Anonymous said...

Labs are my favorites. They're so pretty; my family had three of them growing up. My dad gave the chocolate, Grady, away because he was too hyper, Luke, the black lab, died last year, and Toby, the yellow, is the only one left. However, being that I'm probably going to be living in an apartment for the next few years, I'll probably need a smaller dog to meet pet regulations. In that case, I've heard adoption is really the best way to go. said...

My friend has two chocolate labs. They are HUGE! I'd so love another but we travel too much. Appartments aren't really lab friendly either. Adoption is the way to go. We're going to France to look after a friend's lab/terrier cross called Ted who is adorable but aging. Great excuse for a trip:)
By the way I have to send you massive thanks for the great comment you left and the facebook post. Yuo are really kind to do that. You're welcome at my blog any time and I hope you keep enjoying the posts.
Lovely to have 'met' you. See you again soon.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww!! I am animal lover and have always had a soft sport inparticular for Beagles. Your furbabies are adorable!
I voluteer at an animal shelter & spent yesterday helping with pet photos with Santa. Well it was one adorably dressed dog after another.
Visiting from LBS. Merry Christmas to you, The bigs and The Littles. :-)