Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Cow,where did March go?

I've been meaning to do a blog about March but I've been getting distracted and now look, it's April already! March had to be one of the fasted months to fly by for me.

I am totally enjoying married life. It does feel different. We were together 7 years prior to it finally becoming legal for us to get married in Florida. I've been making all of the calls this week , changing my name etc. We saved money on car insurance..that was a nice surprise. I'm still working on getting my passport changed and banks, doctors records etc.  I'm loving seeing my  new name on emails and signing for packages at work with the new name!

For our honeymoon we are going to Paris! We have booked the hotel already but not the flights yet. We are going in October (our birthdays are in October) and we try and go someplace every year for our b'days -this year it will be a b'day /honeymoon combo!

I am hoping these next few weeks go by just as quickly and we pass thru the Spring Break tenants with little to no issues. Over all I think it's been a pretty good season. We were busier than ever. It was the first season I was not in our Siesta Key office full time.

March was also our first over night babysitting with my great nephew , Devon. It was wonderful! We've equipped ourselves with a pack n play, high chair, toys, baby food, bibs...I hope there will be many more nights with that sweet boy!

My great niece Belle is getting to such a fun age too. She will be 7 months old this month. (Devon will be 8 months old!) I get to see her at work a few times a week. She has not mastered crawling on her knees yet but is smiling and giggling.
Holly and Belle March 10
The fur children are all doing good too. Scout had to go in for a teeth cleaning and ended up with 10 teeth pulled! He's home recovering and almost back to his chipper self. With MUCH better breath ! 

I am really going to try for more frequent updates and even some video vlogs soon. 
Have a blessed day! 


Zannie Shaman said...

having to wait until October may seem like a long time- but oh all that savouring and anticipating