Monday, April 20, 2015


April 20. 20 things I'm looking forward to

1. Our Honeymoon in Paris! (October)
2. My girls weekend in Missouri next month
3. My oldest and newest friends from Missouri coming in November.
4. Shopping for said Paris trip.
5. Getting these dang bangs cut this week.
6. Upcoming beach days
7. the excitement that comes with hurricane season
8. my nieces wedding in December
9. watching my great niece and nephew reach new mile stones
10. Sea turtle season (starts May 1)
11. Big Brother season 17!
12. Seeing the scales dip and joining Onederland again
13. Walking with Vic to get in better shape for Paris
14. Spending more time with my local friends.
15. Date nights
16. New flooring for the bedroom.
17. More drum circles
18. getting back in the groove on my FBA and Ebay businesses
19. getting the AC fixed in the truck.
20. making more videos /taking more pictures