Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 4 2014

It feels like more than four days have passed since I last posted.
I did make it up until midnight on New Years Eve. Kissing my Vic, cuddling with the babies. Much different than last NYE but sweet all the same. :)

1/1/2015 I worked (Venice Office) on the 1st with a few other agents and my sister and her husband. There were over a hundred tenants arriving on that day. Many of them ended up not coming until later. It wasn't as busy or crazy as I thought it would be. Within minutes of people checking in they would be calling with problems of TV's not working (missing their football games) or WiFi not working (more often than not it was user error) and a few true problems like a flooded kitchen or someone setting off the home security system.
It was nice to come home  to cornbread and beef stew that Vic had made. I think that is something that you don't truly appreciate growing up...coming home to home cooked meals. Vic and I don't do a lot of cooking (me even less ) so it's pretty special and appreciated when one of us does cook.

1/2/2015   Weekly weight in day...I found those extra pounds that I thought I had missed picking up over Christmas. Ugh.
I went to work in Sarasota with Vic. On our way we had to stop and pick up Vic's evidence of aging (glasses ) ...She called it that and it cracked me up , I told her I was going to have to use it in my blog (I was banned from using it on facebook or twitter LOL) But please notice Vic, I am giving you full credit!
The glasses look great. It will take some time to get used to the progressive lenses but I am so happy that she is enjoying seeing everything so much clearer (except maybe our wrinkles and under eye bags that she pointed out on the way home)
Working in Sarasota just one day a week is getting harder now that season is here. We didn't get out of there until after 6pm.

1/3/2015 My nephew got married! I was so impressed that they were able to put it all together in just a few days. Mary borrowed a dress that fit her perfectly. Devon and Brandon matched with red shirts, black pants and ties. There was a sit down meal after the wedding, cake, a champagne toast (they are only 19 but did get to have their toasts) Thankfully there were lots of pictures taken. I 'm so glad they had a chance to work things out with my sister before the wedding so she could be there.

Vic and I had just laid down for bed when we got a work call. One of the tenants just arrived and had forgotten to bring their lockbox key. We keep a spare but it appears someone took it so we headed up to Sarasota to let them in. It was a big beautiful full (or almost full) moon so on the way home we stopped off at Venice beach and played in the sand. Once I got back in bed and fell asleep my dreams were haunted by lock boxes and lost keys.  

I don't think that I'll have much more to add for today (1/4/2015) it's going to be a day of football. Sisterwives is back on tonight so we'll probably catch that too :) I'm glad that our shows are starting to come back on. We did find a few new things to binge on , yesterday it was The Knick.  A look at the professional and personal lives of the staff at New York's Knickerbocker Hospital during the early part of the twentieth century.