Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31 2015

Good Morning!
I've been a little crazy with work and wedding planning. Things are really coming together as much as they can , being over 200 days out. I think we nailed down the location this last week but have not gotten the forms in the mail to make it official yet so I am not over  worrying about that yet.
I asked  my best friend Stephanie to be my matron of honor (I will call her maid of honor because matron sounds so grandmotherly) , I've gotten my dress, we've picked a catering company and we are working on the DJ!

The scales are going in the right direction and I hope to lose about a pound a week before the wedding...maybe that was trick..getting something planned ahead to motivate me.

Anyway...I will check in again later, the time is getting away from me this morning and I've got to go to work. This is one of our busiest times at work with all of the snowbirds coming down and checking into their condos. The only other time that is  as crazy is spring break.

Have a wonderful weekend !