Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Before/After and weekly update 2/19/2014

I had my hair done today. I covered up the grey and did a few streaks of color. As always Heide did a fantastic job. I love my hair.
I also had a facial and waxed my eye brows...that is the reason they are a bit red and puffy.

Sooooooooooo anyway. We've had a busy week. We know five people expecting babies all around the same time. Some are still a secret so I can't mention any names. So very exciting! I am looking forward to shopping for babies and having babies join our holidays.

Last weekend was Valentines Day. Vic had pink roses (my favorite) sent to me at work and then we met after work for a romantic dinner at the Pavilion was yummy!
House of Cards is back up for season 2 so most of the weekend was watching that.

We have decided we are going to TN for Thanksgiving again this year. Got the cabin booked today. It will be hard since the last time we were there was with my dad but I'm also thinking it will bring me peace being in the mountains again. That cabin was so peaceful the first time and it will be nice to get away and have this new tradition with Victor and Vic.

Tonight I'm  heading back out for a night of Bingo with my friend Lisa. I am actually looking forward to it. If I don't win anything I'd better win the's TIME!

I'll check back in later..Chow!