Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are getting all packed and ready to leave bright and early tomorrow for the Great Smokey Mountains! This year will be extra special because Victor (Vics son) will be joining us. We have rented a charming cabin in TN to be closer to my dad.

Today packing day and to say we are stressed is an understatement. The phones from work have been ringing with issues that normally would be no big deal but since we are trying to  leave tomorrow  it puts us in over drive for today. Victor is out running service calls, Vic is on the laptop answering leads and putting out any last minute fires and I am doing laundry, washing the dogs, making beds and of course fitting time in to blog! :)

I know it will all be ok. Any problems will still be there next week when we get back. It's not like last year when we went on a cruise...there is no answering phones/emails etc. from the Bahamas. We are taking our lap tops, cell phones and work info so we can head off any issues while we are away. We have set up some back up plans back here with one of our cleaners and our handyman so it's not like there will be no one in town to take care of things...BUT I'm still stressed ...hope it goes away the further away from FL I get.

Dad's been sick the last couple of days too..Kidney stones, diverticulitis, Kidney infection and just feeling crappy from chemo. I'm praying that he feels better soon and will enjoy the week without feeling bad, gulity, sad, etc. I hope to take lots of photos, videos and make some awesome memories. :)

My older sister and her family are going to MO for her inlaws 60th wedding anniversary celebration. My younger sister is not celebrating  holidays this year (nothing new..she says this almost every year) but it works out because she's watching my house and fur babies. My mom is doing something with friends and her beau I'm sure...they have fun all year long and don't need a holiday to celebrate being Thankful. :)

Thank you dear blog for letting me vent. I'm sure it will all work out...


Amber DaWeenie said...

We're all wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and a safe and stress-free trip! Have Fun!