Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8 2014 Update

I had another birthday yesterday. The way to take the sting out of getting older is to think you are older the entire year before. I think I've done this a few times poor memory actually pays off sometimes! :)

I had a great day. Tons of facebook messages (who doesn't LOVE all the greetings from your friends on your b'day!--brilliant move Facebook) flowers and a big balloon from my loves , cake from a co-worker, a certificate for a massage from my mom....just a good day over all. I didn't hear from my sister but I am not going to let that bother me (much)..she lives in her own little world and I've been shown many times that I am often not even thought of in that world.  My step mom called and we chatted for a long time. I enjoyed hearing from her but it's always a little bitter sweet , missing my dad.

This last week we had cooler weather for the first time in forever. It was actually a bit chilly when I let the dogs out one morning. I went to look and my phone said 63 degrees! Of course it was back in the high 80's by lunch but still it was so nice while it lasted.

Life is getting busier. Our busy season is approaching fast at work. I'm thankful because it's also when the money comes in but it's squeezing the hours out of my days and I'm finding less and less time to post stuff on ebay or ship and shop for Amazon. I need to manage my time better on weekends and stop being such a lazy butt.

I'm getting super excited about going to go see Garth Brooks next week (Vic and I both have b'days within a week of each other so we usually do something big for our b'days) The concert is several hours away so we are planning a weekend away type of thing. It will be nice to have a dog hair free weekend! :)

Anyway, I hope that you are having a fabulous October so far.