Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Crab

This Thanksgiving was very different from any other that I've experienced in my 44 years. We didn't have games before dinner, we didn't have turkey, dressing , noodles or even my moms famous 7-up salad. She always told us one day we'd be sorry that we teased her about it every year and we'd miss it....yep..I missed it!!

My older sister and her family went to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with her husbands family this year. My dad moved to TN a few years ago and doesn't come back for the holidays. My younger sister spent the day with her boyfriends family. Vic was home sick in bed. So I went up to my mom and Greg's (her significant other) house. Two of their tenants  joined us and we had a crab boil out by the water (which is also their front it's pretty cool)  I think it was almost 80 degrees out and everyone walking by had on it was a beautiful day to be outside saying thanks to the spirits for all that we have.

We had crab legs and shrimp, sausage, potato's,carrots and onions, chocolate sheet cake, pumpkin pie and corn on the cob (mom cut my corn off for me because ever since my days in braces I have not eaten corn on the cob....I love that she spoils me this way even at 44 years old!)  Dinner was yummy, the conversation pleasant and the view ...priceless.

I left just in time to catch a beautiful sunset on the beach for my drive home...A very different Thanksgiving but one I'll always remember. I hope that your holiday was just as memorable and spent with those that mean the most.


Nicole said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. It's odd, isn't it - breaking away from tradition? Yet, there is something really beautiful about it. You will always remember this Thanksgiving.. for certain.