Thursday, October 6, 2011

25 years

Last weekend was my 25th class reunion. It was funny to me that people either changed so much that I would not have been able to pick them out of a lineup or they were almost exactly the same as they looked in high school.

Since graduation there have been marriages, babies, divorces, boob jobs, affairs, cancer, moves, new careers,bankruptcies,foreclosures,new homes, life changes....yet thru it all we remain the same tight knit group that hung out back in the 80's! Some may be more medicated now, others less. and some that need to be! 
I found myself on the side lines more now than I used to be. Getting out and dancing, humping, groping could not have felt more uncomfortable to me. I don't know where I lost that carefree girl from the 80's but one thing was for sure..she is gone. OMG does that mean I grew up? Nahhhhhhhhhhh must be something

Some of the high lights or low lights depending on how you see them:

  • Changing clothes in the street
  • The limo ride 
  • Underwear being put up the school flag pole
  • Finding out some classmates "wax" (and not just the girls)
  • Explaining lesbian sex to a group of drunk straight girls
  • Having your best friend get in trouble for dry humping the bands speakers
  • Drinking more beers in one night than I've had in four years combined


Amber DaWeenie said...

I guess we all have to grow up some time. Is it a good thing? I don't really know. I went to high school in Michigan so I couldn't attend my 40th reunion last year. I think I was almost grateful that we moved to Florida and I couldn't attend. I want to remember things the way they were in the 60's.

blueviolet said...

I've never gone to an HS reunion and I never will, but I know I'm a heck of a lot more uptight than I was back then. I was fun!

SharleneT said...

The best part of my HS reunion is that I hadn't wrinkled, yet. I was a few years younger than my class mates and the curve hadn't hit me. Friends I was close to, back then, were still young in my heart. Those I didn't really know had gotten much older. I think the difference is love... Hello from LBS Tea Social. Come visit when you can.

Bella said...

Holly, dropping by from the LBS! I've only gone to one of my high school reunions and like you, found my former classmates hadn't changed all that much. Of course, at the time it was our 10 year reunion. Nevertheless, it's still fun to catch up on old times.

Lucy said...

I graduated in 1984 so I could relate to those songs and television shows!

Goodness, I know how you feel about sitting on the sidelines, I have a feeling I would watch from the side too.

It does sound like you had some fun :)

Ms. Blasé said...

Chalk this up to one of the most unforgettable evenings ever!!! I was looking forward to this post, so thanks for sharing... and thanks for explaining the flag pole photo because I would've NEVER figured that one out :)