Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A few weeks ago a neighbor that is trying to sell his house came over and told me that our dogs (mainly the dachshunds) were hindering the sale of his house. His realtor told him that at least three times she had shown the house and the constant barking made the people turn away. He was very nice but also pretty direct in that he would like for us to do something.

Of course this was upsetting to us. It's one thing to be annoyed when we are home and they bark at the neighbors or the lawn guy, or each other. But to know that they do it when we are not home made it even worse. We had become "those" neighbors and were not too happy about it at all!.

We had some friends tell us about shock collars but  neither one of us wanted to do that because we just don't think it is the most humane way to train and after googling reviews it just took one story about a little dog that had it's neck get burnt that sealed the deal for us, we would NOT be going that route.

I took the dogs to my friend Tracys one evening and her sister kept saying "you need bark off" but never really explained what it was or what it did. I wasn't even aware that it was a product until I came home and looked it up online. I loved what I was reading, if it worked it was just what we were looking for.

Bark Off is an ultrasonic training aid that is portable, inaudible to humans, and is safe and humane! It says so right on the packaging! lol

So I ordered one online for $10 but wait there was a special buy one get one free offer...only I messed it up and didn't realize if I clicked one more time it would add another device...oops I ordered three...and then the doubting Debbie that I am ordered two more because I wasn't sure my first order really went thru...yes stuff like this happens to me a lot...following directions isn't my strong point (must have gotten that from dad!)

So about a week and a half later two boxes arrived at our door! We went out and bought some 9volt batteries and gave them a whirl. And what a perfect time to experiment, 4th of July!!

The dogs still start to bark but quickly stop after one or two barks! Dexter is a little screamer when it comes to letting the dogs out, he has to be the leader and he has to be loud. We have tried water bottles and scolding him and picking him up...nothing worked..until Bark Off!!!

Today I am going to leave the ustream feed up so I can watch from work and see if the babies continue to behave while we are not home but so far so great with this little gadget!!!

(I have not been paid for this review, in fact I paid much more than I should have by miss-ordering!)


Traci said...

Wow! That's good to know. I'll have to tell my sister (for her little barker.) I love the last part of your post.

Big a said...

wow! that's so great! i won't allow my chihuahua to be a barker. we have years of UNtraining to do, but he's doing pretty good

oldblackcatboo said...

Hey, Thanks for commenting on my blog!
And thanks for the Bark-Off review!
I'm going to order one for my Jack Russell mix, He's driving me crazy! He has to bark at everyone he sees walking down the street and I unfortunately live on the street that everyone takes their evening walk on!