Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fund Raiser

Dear Friends,

I am throwing an online Celebrating Home Party for my childhood friend, Kelly Myers. In July her husband Wes was admitted to the hospital in Columbia Missouri with an aortal dissection. He has had seven surgeries in total, two which were surgeries to replace his entire aorta. Unfortunately, he has developed many medical problems, including paralysis, and continues to battle infections as well as other medical issues. He was suppose to come home for the first time, yesterday, but sadly he had to go from rehab back to the hospital because of more complications.

Please join me in support of my friend and help us reach our goal. You may review the items for sale by clicking on this link

Remember that 50% of our profits are returned to Wes Myers Medicall Recovery Fund when you make a purchase.

Thanks in advance for your support!

I almost forgot, if you would like to donate directly to Wes and Kelly they have a set up a page here:

My Boys are fashion hounds

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Please check out this link!

A good friend of mine  is trying to raise funds on KickStart for this fabulous butchlesque production.
anyone who wants to back this event can still do so by following this link & making a pledge of even as little as a DOLLAR! If the funding goal isn't reached, then no one's credit card gets charged.

Friday, January 20, 2012

January Now and Then

My Niece Mallory was born

Mark,Emma, Orf and I went and saw No Fraud
Went to a surf expo in Orlando
babysat for Brandon

my grandpa Dunny died
went online for the first time

went to a Party at Sabrinas with Lisa
was in sanford FL for a NYE party

Went to Church with my  mom
went to Outback with my mom, sister and brother in law for his b'day
picked up Vic's boxes at the greyhound station
Vic left California heading to FL to live!

Rushed DJ to the vet because the bigs stepped on his toes
Went and applied to work for the Census Bureau
Started Atkins Diet with Vic

Went with Marcia to meet Bailey & Peyton for the first time
Saw the Color Purple at the Van Wezel
Got a new listing in Casarina
had surgery

Annie passed away
Best Month Ever At Work